Embodied Media - Project Archive

An overview of the research prototypes, public exhibitions, industrial products, and modern organizational designs that enhance our everyday lives.

Embodied Media では、日常生活を豊かにするテクノロジーの開発、プロダクトのデザイン、未来の表現や社会の仕組みを提案する研究活動に取り組んでいます。

Haptic Editor

Haptic Editor is an interactive editing system for creating haptic-enabled 3D content by drawing shapes in air and copying and pasting surface textures. To realize realistic haptic interaction, we construct the data structure of haptic content composed of kinesthetic layers and a tactile layer. The user can create touchable 3D models by drawing geometries through aerial sketching, setting values of compliance and friction of the geometries, and copying and pasting vibrotactile textures of real objects by using the proposed easy-to-use haptic interface.

Telesar V

"TELESAR V" is a telexistence alter-ego robot system that enables a user to bind with a dexterous robot and have a real-time sensation of being somewhere else, and feel the robot’s body through visual, auditory and haptic sensation. The system can transmit delicate tactile information so that the differences in surface textures such as feeling the texture of a cloth can be experienced.

「TELESAR V」は、自分の分身となるアバターロボットとまるで一体となったかのような感覚で、視覚・聴覚・触覚が融合した遠隔体験を得ることができる「テレイグジスタンス」ロボットです。触原色原理に基づく触感伝送技術を搭載することで、布などの細やかな触感をも伝えることができます。