Instead of correcting differences what can we learn from them?


Group Overview

What is positive deviance?

Keyboard, conversational agents, electric toothbrushes, kaleidoscopes, GPS technology and coutless more inventions were developed for (and often by) inventors and users from marginal communities like people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ members, or people from racial minorities. Yet these technologies changed the world for everyone.

Team Positive Deviance focuses on exploring the unique skills of people from marginalised groups and create technologies that empower them to make use of their unique experiences and share them with others.


Led by Senior Assistant Prof Giulia Barbareschi, our team consists of researchers, Doctoral, and Master students from Keio University Graduate School of Media Design, Embodied Media Project.

Giulia Barbareschi
Project Senior Assistant Professor
Jieun Kim
PhD student
Ximing Shen
PhD student
Yulan Ju
PhD student
Anish Kundu
Research Associate
Kinga Skiers
Research Associate
Jack Brophy
MS Student
Dominika Worek
MS Student
Yuka Aoki
MS Student
Partners and Collaborators
Dr. Pai Yun Suen
Prof. Cathy Holloway
Dr. Aneesha Singh
Derrick Omari
Prof. Kai Kunze

Recent Work