The Embodied Media Project at Keio University Graduate School of Media Design aims to create future media technologies that record, share, enhance, and even create the kind of experiences that we have through our bodies. Haptics, VR, Telexistence & Enchanted Things — By studying embodied informatics in human interaction, we design embodied experiences that entertain, enchant, and empower us.


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An overview of the research prototypes, public exhibitions, industrial products, and modern organizational designs that enhance our everyday lives.

Embodied Media では、日常生活を豊かにするテクノロジーの開発、プロダクトのデザイン、未来の表現や社会の仕組みを提案する研究活動に取り組んでいます。


Press releases, televised events, magazine publications, research awards, and other related media coverage spanning from web to radio.



Kouta Minamizawa, PhD
南澤 孝太
Tatsuya Saito, PhD
Project Associate Professor
Cybernetic Being Moonshot
Pai Yun Suen, PhD
Project Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematical Engineering and Information Physics, School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo (2005)

Ph.D in Information Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo (2010)

IEEE Technical Committee on Haptics Vice Chair in Conference, Executive Director of the Superhuman Sports Society, Board member of the CiP consortium, Technical Advisor at Telexistence Inc.

Master's from Department of Media Arts, Department of Architecture and Arts, University of the Arts.

Ph.D from Graduate School of Imaging, Tokyo University of the Arts.

Interactive Art Director, Representative director of Abacus Co., Ltd. Lecturer at Keio University and Tokyo University of the Arts. Co-Author of "Put your fingers".

B.S. Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing Engineering,
Master's in Engineering Science,
University of Malaysia.

Ph.D in Media Design, Keio University (2018)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Empathic Computing Laboratory in New Zealand. Research project collaborator with AirBus Malaysia, Fujitsu Design, NTT Media Intelligence Laboratory, Ignition Point, CSIRO, Google ATAP, and Mediva.