What is embodiment and expression in the intersection of art and academic research?


Group Overview

What is Liminal-Expressions?

Through novel applications of media technologies, we aim to create new channels of experience from the perspective of expression. Using existing methods and systems, we strive to explore the points of contact between the human body and media technologies from a multi-modal interdisciplinary approach and develop new connections between academic research and artistic expression.

Liminal_Expressions グループでは、メディアテクノロジーの新しい応用により、これまで不可能だった新しい体験のチャンネルを創造することを目指しています。身体感覚の拡張技術を活用し、新しい芸術表現の手法を提示することで、アートやデザインの分野にインパクトをもたらす実験的なプロジェクトを行なっています。また、学術的にも芸術、認知科学、工学にまたがる学際的アプローチで、身体とメディアテクノロジーの接点を探ることで、学術研究と芸術表現の新しい接点を探っています。

Liminality -

In anthropology, liminality is the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of a rite of passage, when participants no longer hold their pre-ritual status but have not yet begun the transition to the status they will hold when the rite is complete.


Limen -

In physiology, psychology, or psychophysics, a limen or a liminal point is a sensory threshold of a physiological or psychological response. It is the boundary of perception. On one side of a limen a stimulus is perceivable, on the other side it is not.

生理学、心理学、または精神物理学において、リメン-Limen-またはリミナルポイント-Liminal Point-とは、生理的または心理的反応の感覚的閾値のことである。知覚の境界線である。リミナルの片側では刺激を知覚でき、もう片側では知覚できない。

Liminal Animals -

Liminal animals, also known as commensal animals, are wild and domestic species who live on anthropogenic food sources and share their living spaces with humans (O’Connor, 2013). According to this definition, pigeons, rats, and other usually wild animals can be liminal. Dogs, cats, and other usually domestic animals can also be liminal if, for example, they are stray or feral. As with wild and domestic animals, liminal animals are characterized by their living situation, not their species identity.

リミナルアニマルとは、片(偏)利共生動物とも呼ばれ、人為的な食料源で生活し、人間と生活空間を共有する野生種や家畜のことである(O'Connor,2013)。 この定義によれば、ハトやネズミなど、通常は野生動物である動物がリミナルになりうる。 犬や猫など、通常は家畜である動物も、例えば野良であったり、野生の動物であったりすると、リミナルになりうる。 野生動物や家畜と同様、リミナル・アニマルは、種ではなく、生活状況によって特徴づけられる。

Who are the members?

Led by Project Associate Professor Tatsuya Saito and Danny Hynds, we are a collective of master and doctoral students from Keio University Graduate School of Media Design, Embodied Media Project.

Have a look at some of our recent works!

Join us as we explore the future possibilities of interaction design and immersive experiences.

Using 'embedded beings' such as Spatial Animacy, or the Co-Creative Bench, we can connect with our environments in sophisticated ways, and see ourselves reflected in abstract forms.

Driven by our physiological data, avatars can mediate and augment our experiences, in daily activities such as gaming and teleconferencing.

Through assistive design, technology can help us understand each other, and share the experiences of people with limitations such as dementia (Dementia Eyes), or insomnia (Sleep-assisted Neckband).

Immersive mixed reality is always a hot topic. We often find ourselves pondering the question, where does our physical space end and where does the virtual space begin?

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