What happens when we augment our skills and bodies?


Group Overview

What is Cybernetic-Bodies?

Cybernetic Bodies aims to create new experiences by extending the human body. What if your own body could be transformed into an alter ego? Or what if you could share your body with another person? What if you could learn a skill faster than ever before? We are creating free experiences that transcend spatial, temporal, and physical limitations.

Cybernetic Bodies では、人の本来の身体にとらわれることのない拡張を行うことで、これまでにない新しい体験の創造を目指しています。例えば、自分の体が分身したら?あるいは、他人を身体を共有することができたら?これまでより早く技能を習得できるようになったら?空間的制約、時間的制約、身体的制約を超えた、自由な体験を創造しています。

Who are the members?

Led by Project Assistant Professor Midori Kawaguchi, Sohei Wakisaka, our team consists of researchers, Doctoral, and Master students from the Keio University Graduate School of Media Design.We also collaborate with the Nagoya Institute of Technology, Sony Computer Science Laboratory, and the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University. Check out our members below!

Have a look at some of our recent works!

Join us as we explore the future possibilities of interaction design and immersive experiences.

Using 'embedded beings' such as Spatial Animacy, or the Co-Creative Bench, we can connect with our environments in sophisticated ways, and see ourselves reflected in abstract forms.

Driven by our physiological data, avatars can mediate and augment our experiences, in daily activities such as gaming and teleconferencing.

Through assistive design, technology can help us understand each other, and share the experiences of people with limitations such as dementia (Dementia Eyes), or insomnia (Sleep-assisted Neckband).

Immersive mixed reality is always a hot topic. We often find ourselves pondering the question, where does our physical space end and where does the virtual space begin?

Featured Projects