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Human Augmentation
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We developed a system in which two users are integrated into one actual robot arm to collaborate with each other. The method of dividing the roles allows flexible movements that is not dependent on the range of movement and rotational freedom of the human arm, and enables movements that are impossible for a single person. The mixing of movements in adjustable ratio allows an expert to support a beginner to make more stable movements, and induces collaboration between users with different perspectives. Additionally, we implement tactile feedback to enable interaction between users and between users and the robot. We investigate the effects of these on usability and cognitive behavior. This system is expected to become a new method of collaboration in the cyber-physical society.



Takayoshi Hagiwara 萩原 隆義
Takumi Katagiri 片桐 拓海        
Itsuki Ogura 小倉 樹
Ryohei Tanada 棚田 亮平
Takumi Nishimura 西村 匠生
Hikari Yukawa 湯川 光
Taku Tanichi 谷地 卓
Yulan Ju 鞠玉蘭
Yoshihiro Tanaka 田中 由浩
Kouta Minamizawa 南澤 孝太

Exhibitions & Publications

萩原 隆義,片桐 拓海,湯川 光,田中 由浩,南澤 孝太 (2021).ロボットアバターを介した身体融合における運動共有の基礎検討,3D2-6,日本バーチャルリアリティ学会,12-14 September 2021.

SIGGRAPH ASIA ’21 Emerging Technologies

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