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When using social networking, users often upload digital media to capture their experience, and this includes video or photos of meals, landscapes, gatherings of friends, etc. These events are captured with a camera, recorded by a microphone, or archived using a video camera. Such media provides us with visual, audible, or integrated audio-visual experience. However, up until now, sharing one’s corresponding haptic experience has not been possible. If this haptic experience can be shared, the sensory feedback will be sufficiently compelling and easy to understand in order for a more complete experience from a first-person perspective.

We propose a mobile platform, called Twech, which enables users to collect and share visuo-tactile experience. This platform also provides a function that enables to find materials that can provide similar haptic feeling. User can record and share visuo-tactile experience by using a visuo-tactile recording and displaying attachment for smartphones.
The proposed system allows users to share their experience instantly over social media and to re-experience shared data such haptic experience.

記録された動画は, 新しい動画アプリケーションを必要せずに再生と共有が行えるため, SNS上にそのままアップロードし, 触り心地を共有することができます。
また画面に常に表示されるプローブは, 使用者がどこを触っているかの注意をうながすだけでなく, 触っている感覚を増幅させる設計を行っています。


Nobuhisa Hanamitsu 花光 宣尚
Haruki Nakamura 中村 開
Masashi Nakatani 仲谷 正史
Kouta Minamizawa 南澤 孝太

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SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 Emerging Technologies in Kobe

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Nobuhisa Hanamitsu, Haruki Nakamura, Masashi Nakatani, and Kouta Minamizawa. “Twech: A Mobile Platform to Search and Share Visuo- tactile Experiences”. In: SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 Mobile Graphics and Interactive Applications. SA ’15. Kobe, Japan: ACM, 2015, 10:1–10:3. isbn: 978-1-4503-3928-5. doi: 10.1145/2818427.2818461. url: http: //