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Tangible Pads is an interactive experience that combines sound, lighting, movement and haptics. Each Tangible Pad represents a different instrument and is only activated when the user interacts with it. The more people join the experience the more instruments get activated. The music builds up in response to movement. This way, participants are able to motivate each other to move. They are also able to collaborate through dance to make more complex sounds. Each Tangible Pad is equipped with an actuator that provides haptic feedback and lights that change to the beat of music. These parameters coupled with sound help provide an immersive experience. Through this experience users are able to align their movement with the music, build off each others' movements and contribute to the making of the music.


Youssef Bouzarte ユセフ ブーザート
Junichi Kanebako 金箱淳一
Kazuya Yanagihara 柳原一也
Kouta Minamizawa 南澤 孝太

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KMD Forum 2017
Dubai International Film Festival 2017

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