Superhuman Sports Society

Human Augmentation
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By combining technology and culture into sports, we Superhuman Sports Society supports the creation of new sports that are integrated with human beings and technologies. By doing it, we strongly believe everyone will exceeds the "human" barrier.
Also, by creating it, competing in it, watching it, and supporting it, with everyone, we directly achieve the situation everyone can be enjoy it.
We raise games, engineers, players, supporters and designers of those games born from diverse talent, let them spread to society in the form of competitions, public experience, showcase etc.



Ryoichi Ando 安藤良一
Kouta Minamizawa 南澤孝太

Exhibitions & Publications

1. 第一回超人スポーツゲームズ(
2. Laval Virtual 2016 Superhuman Sports Games in Laval Virtual(
3. 3rd Superhuman Sports Hackathon (
4. 超福祉展(
5. 第2回 超人スポーツ学術研究会(

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