Submerged Haptics

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We present a novel method of creating a waterproof wearable fingertip haptic display "AeroFinger" that is very light and small enough to fit on the fingertip and uses no electro-mechanical actuation. The display consists of 4 miniature airbags which are made out of 3D printed Rubber-Like material so that the display size, strength and shape can be customized by the user. A small sized full range speaker is mounted on a closed air chamber where the air is transferred back and forth through a tiny nozzle to the airbag. The Speaker movements creates a difference in air pressure and translated into airbag inflation and deflation. Therefore, AeroFinger can display the low frequency vibrations as force sensation and high frequency vibrations as tactile sensation. Unlike most ungrounded haptic devices which contains electrical components such as motors or vibration actuators, AeroFinger uses no electro-mechanical actuation and thus can be completely submerged on water or could be used in magnetic resonance environments.



Yuan-Ling Feng 馮元凌
Charith Lasantha Fernando チャリス・フェルナンド
Jan Rod ジャン・ロッド
Kouta Minamizawa 南澤孝太

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