Spatial Haptics Interface

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Proposing in the nineteenth and twentieth century, architectural theory evolved into a notion of embodiment, where spatial experience is related to physiological responses of observers. Knowing that body plays an important medium of sensing the space around us, our movement is then performed responsively by how we percept the environment. Body itself acts as an interface between virtual and real space, and in recent year, dependence of technology resulted enhancement of our embodiment. Therefore, it would like to enhance our behaviour by feeling the inatngible spaces in a real space. Spatial indications are digitally provided to indicate the movement, and the thesis mainly focuses on the design of haptization towards our embodiment.
studying how those indications influence our cognition on behaviour.


Reiko Shimizu 清水麗子
Mina Shibasak i柴崎美奈
Kouta Minamizawa 南澤孝太

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