Spatial Animacy

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Spatial Animacy is an ongoing experience design research project, imagining and prototyping future spaces and responsive environments that can sense human needs and engage with users in meaningful ways, in a material-driven interaction design approach.
Prototyped in a High-Tech x Slow-Craft philosophy, a hand-folded origami surface is kinetically animated by a network of actuators using real-time spatial sensing data of users. In the form of an interactive kinetic origami surface, it explores ways that kinesthetic empathy can lead to perceived animacy in architectural space.


Concept, Design Direction & Interaction Design: Harry Krekoukiotis (KMD Embodied Media)
Mechanical Design & Engineering: Yoichi Kamiyama (KMD Embodied Media)
Lighting Design: Ana Alipass Fernandez
Fabrication: Ragnar Thomsen, Rahul Mehta, Lincoln He (KMD Embodied Media)
Technical Support: Imaoka Noriaki, Inoue Sho (Panasonic AugLab)
Research Supervisor: Kouta Minamizawa (KMD Embodied Media)
Producer: Takeshi Ando (Panasonic AugLab)

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