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Music is the manifestation of a performer's experience, musicality, and introspection, all conveyed through their physicality to their instruments, thus becoming a form of media. Despite extensive research in recording and reproduction techniques, the extraction and sharing of non-auditory elements such as introspection and physicality have been relatively unexplored.
In this study, we define the entire system aimed at analyzing non-auditory musicality and introspection from a performer's body and sharing it with the audience through the body as "Somatic Music". We design a viewing environment that expands beyond conventional auditory experiences, exploring means to convey non-auditory elements as a way to communicate the unique introspection possessed by performers. This approach introduces a novel method for conveying introspections specific to performers that were traditionally overlooked.

本研究ではそのシステム全体を「Somatic Music」と定義し、これまでの鑑賞体験では実現されてこなかった非聴覚的な要素を身体から抽出し共有するというアプローチを提案する。


Aoi Uyama(宇山葵)、
神山洋一(Youichi Kamiyama)
脇坂崇平(Sohei Wakisaka)、
堀江新(Arata Horie)、
齋藤達也(Tatsuya Saito)、
南澤孝太(Kouta Minamizawa)

Exhibitions & Publications

NIME2023 Poster「Feel What You Don't Hear: A New Framework for Non-aural Music Experiences」

Siggraph Asia2023 Poster「Somatic Music: Enhancing Musical Experiences through the Performer's Embodiment」

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