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A design of product is an important factor in producing a new product. Product designers create three-dimensional computer-graphics (3DCG) models by the use of 3DCG modeling tools and make mock-ups to review their designs. However, there are differences of aspects between the original 3D models and the generated mock-ups frequently. Moreover, it takes expenses and long development terms to re-create new designs and mock-ups for desired products.
In this paper, we propose a system in that a user can create and check virtual mock-ups while creating 3D models of products. We construct the system by combining a commercial 3DCG modeling tool with an augmented reality (AR) technology, and 3DCG models are superimposed on the real-world environment in real time during their modeling process. Furthermore, 3DCG models are displayed with real scale and natural illumination on a see-through display. Therefore, the system enables product designers to review designs of new products without making real mock-ups.
We collaborated with Technology Joint Co. for commercialization of the proposed system. We developed an original AR function to display real scale 3DCG models and illuminate them naturally on real space. Moreover, we verified the effect of the proposed system for reviewing designs of 3DCG models in detail without making real mock-ups.



Tadatoshi Kurogi 黒木 帝聡
CHOY Kho Yee チョイコーイー
Kouta Minamizawa 南澤 孝太
Hideyuki Takahashi 高橋 英行
Makoto Sekoguchi 世古口 誠
Maki Sugimoto 杉本 麻樹
Susumu Tachi 舘 暲


ELSA Japan Inc.

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SIGGRAPH 2011 Exhibitions in Vancouver

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1. 黒木帝聡, チョイコーイー, 高橋英行, 南澤孝太, 杉本麻樹, 舘暲:RhinoAR:AR 技術を用いたモックアップ作成支援システムの開発, 日本機械学会 ロボティクス・メカトロニクス講演会2012(Robomec2012)論文集, 2P1-N02 (2012.5) 2. 黒木帝聡, 南澤孝太, 高橋英行, 世古口誠, 杉本麻樹, 舘暲:AR技術を用いたCADシステム:RhinoARの評価, 日本バーチャルリアリティ学会 第17回大会, 21B-3(2012.9)