Human Augmentation
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In this research, we developed a device that combines an artificial arm and a musical instrument. “Musiarm” aims to bring an entertainment aspect to prosthetic arms as well as motivate users to play musical instruments. We identified a physical value in people with disabilities and attempted to realize a design that transcends physical limitations. "Muisarm" was prototyped alongside prosthetists and people missing a forearm who do not usually play music. In conclusion, “Musiarm” revealed the possibility to stimulate the interest of people with disabilities regarding music performance. “Musiarm” explores the expansion of the artificial arm functionality to performance art through a combination of music and body movement.



Kaito Hatakeyama 畠山海人
Junichi Kanebako 金箱淳一
Kouta Minamizawa 南澤孝太

Exhibitions & Publications

KMD Forum2017
情報処理学会2018 Information Processing Society of Japan SIG Technical Report

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