Headspin Experience

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Breaking is a sport that has been adopted as a new Olympic sport at the Paris 2024.
However, due to the difficulty of the technique, many people do not have the opportunity to experience Breaking easily.
Therefore, we developed a device that allows beginners to easily and safely experience the Breaking technique.
We focused on a Breaking skill called Headspin whitch is a technique where you turn upside down and rotate around your head.
The "Headspin Experience" will help the participant understand what is difficult about Headspin and which muscles need to be moved.

In the experience, the participant can experience two of the factors that make Headspin difficult.
• To bear the weight of the body with only the neck and head
• Turning the legs parallel to each other
It is expected that the Breaking competition at the Paris Olympics will be more enjoyable because the body will be able to recognize the ideal movement of Headspin.




Hiromasa Ogawa, 小川 泰正
Hiroe Chishima, 千嶋 広恵
Nao Ou, 王 七音
Hirofumi Ou, 応 博文
Hiroki Fujimori, 藤森 敬基
Hiromi Nishiura, 西浦 弘美

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