Hands Arcade

Human Augmentation
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The definition what a body is constantly challenges the human understanding, our languages, and relationships. There is communication between all types of bodies and we humans often use media to do so, and recently some could say that is becoming part of our bodies. During the 21st century, computers and mechanical bodies became an intertwined part of that social body, but mainstream media design practices still follow oppressive, colonialist and control-driven designs, intentionally or not. This project contributes to the Media Design academic body by creating a gaming arcade cabinet called “Hands Arcade” as proof of concept, a playful experience to increase body awareness.


Lucas Ogasawara 小笠原 ルーカス


Ken Nakagaki (AxLab Chicago University),
Filippo Ronco (Faculty of Science and Technology at Keio University)

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KMD Forum 2022

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