Enforced Telexistence

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In this research we introduce photorealistic virtual arms to the user where no physical arms presented in the remote robot. Having virtual arms and hands synchronised with the voluntary movements provide the user the feeling as being presented with his own body in the remote robot place with visual, auditory, and haptic sensation. These Real-time photorealistic virtual arms not only follows the user’s arm movements, but also reacts to the dynamic lighting conditions of real environment and allow the user to have an experience of embodied enforcement towards the remote environment. Furthermore, these virtual arms can be used to grab a functional virtual copy of a physical instance where device control is possible. Enforced Telexistence not only allows a user to experience a non-existing arm in telexistence, but also gives the ability to enforce remote environment in various ways.


MHD Yamen Saraiji ヤーメン・サライジ
Charith Fernando チャリス・フェルナンド
Yusuke Mizushina 水品 友佑
Masahiro Furukawa 古川 正紘
Youichi Kamiyama 神山 洋一
Kouta Minamizawa 南澤 孝太
Susumu Tachi 舘 暲

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SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 Emerging Technologies in Hong Kong

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