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This research proposes augmenting physical experience with unreal sonic effects to intrigue children’s emotional experience and physical activities, and inspire their creativity. To explore the idea, we present Dramagic, a playful furniture that enhances authentic sounds occurring on the furniture with cartoon sonic effects. To validate the proposed design, we conducted a field test to observe children experiencing. The results indicated that augmenting sonic experience intrigued more physical actions, such as touching, scratching, and rubbing. Moreover, children became more creative and tend to make stories with the playful sound interactions.

そして,子供達がその想像力を用いて自らの手 で遊び方を広げる,クリエイションの場を形成することを目的としている.クリエイションの場として,子供達が自らの想像力で遊びを生み出し,共有することで周りの人間とコミュニケーションをとりながらその想像力を広げていくことを目指す.
決められた遊び方 や指定されたデバイス,アプリケーションにとらわれることなく,発想力を高めて自由に遊ぶことができる「場」として,子供のための机 Dramagicを実装し,提案する.


Mio Yamamoto 山本 澪
Nobuhisa Hanamitsu 花光 宣尚
Heesoon Kim 金 稀淳
Kouta Minamizawa 南澤 孝太
Masahiko Inami 稲見 昌彦



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Mio Yamamoto, Nobuhisa Hanamitsu, Heesoon Kim, Kouta Minamizawa, and Masahiko Inami. “Dramagic: Sound Animation Design for Enchanted Things”. In: Proceedings of the 2016 Virtual Reality International Conference. VRIC ’16. Laval, France: ACM, 2016.