Bridged Reality

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BridgedReality is a toolkit that enables users to produce localized virtual effects in live scenes, without the need for an HMD nor any wearable devices or virtual controllers. This method uses body tracking and an illusory rendering technique to achieve large scale, depth-based, real time interaction with multiple light field projection display interfaces. This toolkit circumvented time-consuming 3D object classification, and packaged multiple proximity effects in a format understandable by novice programmers. This work offers a foundation for multidirectional holographic interfaces, GPU simulated interactions, teleconferencing and gaming activities, as well as live cinematic quality exhibitions.


Mark Armstrong マーク アームストロング
Lawrence Quest ローレンス クエスト
Yun Suen Pai パイユンスエン
Kai Kunze カイ クンツェ
Kouta Minamizawa 南澤 孝太

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