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Recording technology in the digital age allows events to stop disappearing and being forgotten, images and sounds can still be alive and vivid. But the memories and feelings of that time are fading incessantly. This work explores a new perspective on capturing a live event.49 audience's real-time physiological data is recorded in the live concert, through the lamps that flicker with the heartbeat, forest-like projection mapping generates from body signals, and the abstract feelings are interpreted this way to reproduced in the gallery.
The projection mapping motif is inspired by the space and how we interpret ambiance. Karuizawa Ohga Hall is constructed from local trees and in an environment that is surrounded by nature. The hall has an acoustic effect that is changing with the wood over the years quietly but steadily. So the mapping also grows slowly and quietly with the surroundings. The ambiance is discharged is the emotion and feeling that was discharged in a certain space, at a certain time, with certain beings. So the mapping is generated from certain data recorded lively from the audiences on that day.
The 49 light bulbs aim to create the presence of the audience in an absent way. The lamps blink subtly as the heartbeat rhythm and give off a little bit of warmth. The luminance and warmth are close, intimate, and fleeting at the same time. The lamp stands are designed near the height of the heart when people seat down. The chair is an antique chair that was used in a theater. So exhibition visitors have the tendency to seat and realize the lamps are flickering near their hearts.


Concept and development: Yan He
Concept and mapping: Xiaru Meng
Artistic direction: Tatsuya Saito
Technical development: Keyu Wang / Ziyue Wang
Fabrication: Kanyu Chen / Zihan Lu / Zhou Lu / Issac Wong / Hua Ma
Setup: Burcu Nimet Dumlu / Siying Chen / Xuan Li / Lucas Ogasawara
Video editing: Yan He
Photography: Lucas Ogasawara / Yan He / Xiaru Meng
Data Analyst: Jiawen Han
Performance: Xuan He / Yan He / Danny Hynds / Yuehui Yang / Ragnar Thomsen
Special thanks: Karuizawa Youth Concert 2021 Committee / Frisson Waves Project Members
Project supervision: Kouta Minamizawa

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